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Heflin, AL
Book Fair
The book fair will be here May 1-May 3rd. Students may bring money and purchase books during the school day. Books purchased at the book fair help our library earn new books. Please support our library by purchasing books during the fair.
  • Vision Statement
    Our VISION is to create a PreK-4 school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence, and for its contribution in actively serving and improving our community.
  • Mission Statement
    Our MISSION is to help rural PreK-4 students develop higher order thinking skills and leadership abilities in an environment of shared values of scholarship, equality and unity, by using a combination of the Common Core Curriculum and Direct Instruction.
  • Look Who Got Caught Reading!
    Students around the school are reading for enjoyment!
Stock Market Challenge
Mrs. Hardy's Gifted Class:

I want to take this opportunity to brag a little :)

Since this year our theme is "Business" I thought it would be a great time to participate in the national Stock Market Game. My students really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about businesses and investments. Since the stock market was so volatile these past few months they also learned a lot about "losses" and "capital gains" when investing (mostly losses).

They initially were given $100,000.00 to spend on stocks, bonds, and equities. I required them to research companies that they are familiar with. They checked stock performances to see if they would be a good investment. Once they created their portfolios they were required to check them every week to determine if they wanted to hold or sell their stock. We competed regionally against 218 other teams. These teams were comprised of dozens of schools across the state.

I am very pleased to say that I had two teams whose portfolios ended in the top ten spots. We had the number ONE team!!! These students are from Cleburne County elementary School and they include: Mia Fernandez, Madilin Lines, Seth Jackson and Camden Beam. They received draw-string bags and a check for $150.00 for the classroom. We also ended in the FOURTH place and the students received a draw string bag and a check for $75.00, these students are also from Cleburne County Elementary School and include: Joseph Brown, Hunter Hanvey, and Douglas Baker.

If you see these students please congratulate them, they deserve it!!