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Library Contact Information
584 Evans Bridge Road
Heflin, AL 36264

Contact: Connie Greenwood

Hours: Open 7:10-7:40, 8:40- 11:00
Classes 11:30- 2:30
Mission Statement for Cleburne County Library Information Programs
While every library serves different schools, our mission remains clearly the same. The library information program is an integral part of the educational institution and functions as an extension of the classroom. The library information program will collaborate with teachers in the implementation of state standards and the school curriculum. The library information program strives to provide the school community with a vast collection of resources on appropriate interest and instructional levels to facilitate the development of learning strategies, critical thinking and research skills, communication skills, and an appreciation of reading for both enjoyment and informational purposes.

Cleburne County Schools’ Library Information Programs establish an educational environment in which technology serves a major role, not only in the daily routine of the school library, but as an instructional part of the library program. Students have free and equitable access to a variety of media resources to aid in the advancement of knowledge and help them be successful in their learning experiences. The library information program also provides opportunities to develop college and career readiness skills as they prepare for life's experiences in a global community.